Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tomorrow is October 1

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month.  I will be happy to see September go.  I hope that October will be better.  I have reason to believe that it will be.  I love fall, and the temperatures are finally starting to get a bit cooler.  Hopefully October will also have fewer days that I'm working until 9 or 10 pm. 

It is funny how something as small as the flip of a calendar page can be the catalyst for change.  It can motivate you to make changes in your life, or to buckle down and accomplish something you have been putting off.  I hope that I will be able to do both in October.

Jaime and I started doing crossfit a couple of weeks ago at Crossfit Vantage, which is about 1 mile from our house.  I really enjoy it and I know it will make me a better triathlete next year.  They are having a paleo challenge which starts tomorrow.  Jaime and I didn't formally enter it, but we are going to participate ourselves.  In fact, we are going to take it one step further.  We are going to try to achieve ketosis this week (google it for now; I will post about it next week).  The goal is to eat very low carbohydrates so that your body completely changes from glycogen (carb) burning to fat burning.  This means your body will burn more fat essentially.  I need this much more than Jaime at this point, but she is nice enough to join me in this challenge.  To achieve ketosis we need to be around 50 grams of carbs or under per day for a few days.  This is going to be very difficult.  We'll make sure to call our family members before and after so that they know we survived.  Seriously, it is just mentally difficult more than anything.  Yes, we will feel a bit tired, but we don't currently eat a high carbohydrate diet, so I think we'll make it.  How will we know when we've achieved ketosis?   We will pee on ketone sticks first thing in the morning.  When we see dark purple from the sticks, we will have done it.  Then we can go back to a bit higher carb diet (about 80 - 100 grams/day).  I will try to stay in that range as long as I can since I'm not doing extended cardio right now and should be able to complete any workouts I have on the low carb regimine.

 The other big change is that I finally started my training company.  I became a USAT licensed coach way back in July, and haven't set up my business until now.  I'm still getting some things set up, but I have named my company Through The Wall Training, LLC and I'm registered with the appropriate taxing authorities, etc.
(lots of creative work to do and not by me!)
It is a lot of fun getting this stuff set up and being a creator of what my company is.  It is refreshing to do "work" and enjoy it.  Maybe a sign?  One that was pretty clear to me for the longest time.  For the time being I will keep being the best financial analyst I can be, but perhaps someday this will be front and center.

Like I said, October could be a good month.  I'll go to bed tonight with that optimism. 

Happy birthday on Tuesday Mom.  I miss you!


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