Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick catch up

Sorry for not sticking to posting every day.  That would probably get boring for the 2 people who read this.  So, quickly, Friday was my company's holiday party.  Good times, but certainly not a good venue for eating paleo or losing weight.  I had that planned into the 21 days though.  Saturday became a problem.  Not sure why.  I think the stressful holiday shopping got to me.  Anyways, too much snacking.  It was all paleo, but again, not good for weight loss.  I got back to it Sunday, and I've gone to town this week with over 1/2 lb (at least on paper) lost between Monday and Tuesday.  Today was one of the most fun WOD's we've done at crossfit.  It went like this:  12 minutes AMRAP of 9 pullups, 10 deadlifts, 6 turkish getups with a sandbag.  Full body blasting.  I love workouts like that.  Oh yeah, swimming, biking and running have been on the schedule this week.  It is really go time.  Doubles every day again.  Oh how I missed it....  That's all for now.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Short 3 days

Another 3 day catch up.  At least I’m doing a bit better eating than I am posting.  I was even on calories on Monday, down 700 calories yesterday and down 500 today.  Weight is at 155 even as of tonight.  There isn’t much to really write about these past 3 days.  We worked up to our one rep max on power clean and push press yesterday at Crossfit.  I got up to 135 lbs.  Not bad.  I’d love to get to bodyweight in the next month or so.  We roasted butternut squash and beets to go with some leftovers of the chicken.  It was tasty.  I love root vegetables.  Tomorrow night is team night at Adrenalin Cycles so it presents a good opportunity to get a little intermittent fasting in since I won’t be home for dinner.  I also won’t be posting tomorrow night, or Friday. Friday is our company’s holiday party.  One of the scheduled cheat days in this 21 day epic.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

3 days in one!

                Sorry, I missed a couple of days.  Don’t worry, I didn’t drown during my swim test.  Actually it went well.  My times were as good as they were during the season last year.  I’m excited to continue drilling this new form into my muscle memory and actually building some strength and fitness on it.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all good days in terms of adherence to my eating plan.  I did skew more towards the 500 calorie deficit end of the spectrum.  It seems it is mostly just being in the house and watching a movie or even while cooking dinner that I have the urge to snack a bit more.  I also enjoy wine while cooking, so today I gave in and Jaime and I broke into a bottle of Bordeaux that had been gathering dust for far too long.  I will still hit a 500 calorie deficit today though.  For the week, despite it really only being since Wednesday, I’m down mathematically 0.8 pounds.  Next week I’m planning the 1.5-1.6 range.

                Saturday I had a good swim practice and even started trying to do flip turns.  This is real comedy here if you could see it.  I would film it if the rec center would let me.  Honestly, I only practice them in the deep end just in case I don’t get fully flipped and drive myself into the bottom of the pool.  Yes, I’ve done it.  It doesn’t feel good.  Sometimes I come off the wall diagonally, and like once in 10 times I get a good clean flip turn with even some dolphin kicks.

                Speaking of filming, today we did a run test at Bear Creek High School.  It was a 200, 400, and 800 for time.  I was happy with my 200 time, but the rest…it was like I hadn’t run fast since August….right, because I haven’t.  Afterwards we did some filming of everyone running.  Time to start analyzing.

                Today has probably been the worst day so far for me to stay away from the snacking.  Cashews are in the cupboard, and they a nut, therefore, I love eating them.  But, they are nothing compared to these chips we picked up at WholeFoods yesterday.  They are Terra Sweets Medley.  They are orange, purple and Cuban white sweet potatoes with a hint of cinnamon.  Holy shnykies.  They are ridiculous.  You’ve got to give them a try.  People like to laugh at the paleo knockoffs of regular foods, but I bet if you try them you will like them better than your Lays or Ruffles. 

                Hopefully dinner will be ready soon.  We are roasting a whole chicken that is lathered in an olive oil, garlic, rosemary and thyme mixture and stuffed with garlic, lemon wheels and more rosemary and thyme.  Then we’ve got some roasted carrots, pearl onions and garlic cloves to go with it.  This was why we chose the Bordeaux to go with.  Can’t complain about that paleo dinner!