Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick catch up

Sorry for not sticking to posting every day.  That would probably get boring for the 2 people who read this.  So, quickly, Friday was my company's holiday party.  Good times, but certainly not a good venue for eating paleo or losing weight.  I had that planned into the 21 days though.  Saturday became a problem.  Not sure why.  I think the stressful holiday shopping got to me.  Anyways, too much snacking.  It was all paleo, but again, not good for weight loss.  I got back to it Sunday, and I've gone to town this week with over 1/2 lb (at least on paper) lost between Monday and Tuesday.  Today was one of the most fun WOD's we've done at crossfit.  It went like this:  12 minutes AMRAP of 9 pullups, 10 deadlifts, 6 turkish getups with a sandbag.  Full body blasting.  I love workouts like that.  Oh yeah, swimming, biking and running have been on the schedule this week.  It is really go time.  Doubles every day again.  Oh how I missed it....  That's all for now.


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