Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moonlight hikes are amazing

Last night Jaime and I experienced a very cool and new way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Colorado. We went to our friends house in Boulder for some dinner and a moonlight hike. In case you didn't know, Friday night was supposed to be brightest full moon of the whole year. We went for a nice short hike Saturday night into some open space at the foot of the flatirons in Boulder. The moon was brilliant and looked so cool coming through the trees. It was really cool to see the city lights stretched out below, with the flatirons behind us. We came back to an excellent dinner of dungeness crab, asparagus, Waldorf salad and chardonnay. All in all a great night! Enjoy the pics!

We had planned to go skiing today, but decided there were too many other things to be done for the clinic. Not to mention that we didn't make it home until midnight last night, so a little extra sleep was in order. I did lay out Jaime's and my training plans for the year. The first Xterra right now is looking like Xterra 4 Corners the first weekend in June. I'd like to do on earlier, such as the West Cup in Vegas, so we'll have to see if it can be done.

Next weekend is the Sedona half. I'm feeling good about it, as I've put in the training, now it is just time to suffer for 95 minutes and make my body do what it should do. I'll have a race report shortly after that.

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