Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life gets crazy sometimes

So, after more than a month, I'm back to getting a post on here. It has been a little bit of a tumultuous time lately. We did go down to Sedona to race, so there will be a follow up race report on that this weekend hopefully.

So, why no post in the past few weeks? Well, we had the race all weekend, and the training volume is certainly kicking up. In addition, we had quite a scare with Jaime last week.

1 week ago this past Saturday, Jaime actually had a small stroke. She tore an artery going into her head while she was swimming and as the artery reacted to it, it sent a small clot up to her head. Luckily it was a small stroke, and there is no permanent damage. So, we didn't actually find this out until Monday when we went to the ER after she talked to some doctors she works with. Jaime was in the hospital all week last week, and got out on Friday. She is doing well. I'd say she's a little bit pissed at the whole situation; and who can blame her? She'll be on blood thinners for awhile until the artery heals. Hopefully it will heal on its own in a few months. Until then, she has to keep her activity to a minimum to let the artery heal. Unfortunately that means her first Xterra season is on hold most likely until next year. Really, that a pretty unimportant consequence in the great scheme of things. I'm really just glad that she is alive and well considering the possibilities of it all.

I'll get an update out on a race schedule, where training is at and where it is going, and hopefully there will be some pictures of actual outdoor training in the beautiful Colorado outdoors (I can't do too many more trainer workouts). I wanted to get a quick post out to apologize for my negligence about keeping this thing updated. I hope anyone reading this is doing well.

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