Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rave running

Day 2.  2 for 2.  It is a good start, but there is much work to do.  I had a decent swim this morning.  It was mostly technique work because I am pretty much totally overhauling my stroke.  I expect that I will be much slower for awhile until I get the muscle memory down and then after that, I basically have to build up the musculature that is doing the swimming now because it is totally different than my old stroke.  In the end I will be much faster since I am now pulling with the big back and chest muscles instead of having my arm slip through the water.  Tomorrow morning is a swim time trial at 100 yards, 200 yards and 400 yards.  This is going to suck big time.  I haven’t even swum a continuous 400 yards since August.  I expect some pretty miserable results, but it is all part of the process.

                Tonight’s run was the highlight of the day.  It was a beautiful night.  The temperature was in the mid-40’s and the moon was full and just a bit eerie with the clouds.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been running back in Portsmouth, NH along the seacoast with the moon rising out over the ocean.  Those were some of the most amazing runs I’ve ever had and I’m thankful to have run those runs.  Full moon runs on a clear night obviously don’t happen that often, so when you get one, take advantage of it! 
Moonrise over the Isle of Shoals off the New Hampshire coast

                Good eats were had today with no cheating, a 900 calorie deficit, and good paleo adherence.  Dinner tonight was a simple favorite.  Roasted cauliflower with southwestern spices and pan seared tilapia with habanero salsa.  YUM! 

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